I am an industrial designer graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts in Istanbul. I completed my masters`degree majored in prototyping technologies in product design.

I have always been passionate about extraordinary forms with an ingenious use of materials. I really enjoy pushing all the limits of new production technologies and bringing them together with the beauty of extraordinary and sculptural designs.


Bespoke Furniture Elements




The TV Unit is designed for a white and spacious living room for a young couple who are passionate about movies and have a diverse collection of DVDs. The collector structure of the unit is likely an amphitheatre in which you are able to display your best collection. The ornamental patterns are used on the drawer surfaces which are compatible with the other part of the furniture in the same living room.


Skillfully combination of material and lines which came from nature, simple and impressive.

Cutting edge technology is used on a traditional method base which is an engraving technique on wooden surfaces. Ornamental patterns are laser engraved on white lacquered colour.

This furniture set includes four coffee tables, a centre stand piece and a TV unit which have a good combination when they place side by side.



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Map On Table London City Map on table inspired by the streets of London. The London streets are laser cut into the metal surface; if you follow the gaps and solid surfaces, you might find yourself in an unforgettable...
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AURORA ‘Feel the harmony of lights and colours’ The modern and elegant Aurora is inspired by the aurora borealis: the polar lights. The aurora borealis is a natural and colourful light display in the sky, particularly in...
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TERRAGEN ‘Connection between you and planet’ Terragen is inspired by those natural phenomena that are a source of enormous energy: volcanoes. The Terragen fireplace will be a source of energy for you, giving you back what...