I am an industrial designer graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts in Istanbul. I completed my masters`degree majored in prototyping technologies in product design.

I have always been passionate about extraordinary forms with an ingenious use of materials. I really enjoy pushing all the limits of new production technologies and bringing them together with the beauty of extraordinary and sculptural designs.


Collection Unit • Crazy About Comics



‘Crazy About Comics’

The proposed unit concept aims to display the comic character figures collected by a young man who is interested in these fantastic toys. He had a great collection and eventually intended to spare them a special area in his recreation room. The Super-heroes fantastic world moves into the hobby room with displayed rich figure collection in the hobby unit.

Concerning to this, the idea to build a sculptural unit which is special for his world is developed.

It is thought that the best way to express the illustrations in this furniture is laser engraved into the massive wood. Wood is used as the material of this unit with laser engraving technique to highlight the fantastic world and high-technology, and this material is used in a combination of stainless steel and perforated plate.

These drawings are modified from their original illustrations by use of this technique and are engraved to the wooden surfaces. The finishing touch surfaces are designed in natural wood-colour. The unit is designed for a suitable and large flat screen TV and a game console.



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