I am an industrial designer graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts in Istanbul. I completed my masters`degree majored in prototyping technologies in product design.

I have always been passionate about extraordinary forms with an ingenious use of materials. I really enjoy pushing all the limits of new production technologies and bringing them together with the beauty of extraordinary and sculptural designs.


A Oriental Restaurant Interior Design Elements



Interior Design Elements ‘ Istanbul ’

It is a restaurant interior design project in Istanbul for a delicious Anatolian cuisine concept which represents the oriental figures and details with a modern approach and sets forth as its concept.

It lays on approximately 800 m2 with its cuisine, main dining area, outside sitting spaces, storage and staff rooms. The 7 meters high ceiling has been covered with traditional curtains in order to give an ancient look and also they absorb the noise of the full restaurant. It has been a great improvement for acoustics.

The main high wall was covered with a very detailed wallpaper which is illustrated by hand-drawing. You can read ‘old Istanbul’ while enjoying your dinner.

All the lighting elements such as chandeliers, wall lamps, wall patterns and exterior facade were re-designed and manufactured bespoke.

An iconic chandelier which refers at Seljuk Empire’s 10 side-star has been re-shaped for its new place. The Same pattern follows the bespoke design sculptural wall watch with a modern look.

A gold plated high wall is implemented by casting technique with a unique minimalist pattern and the same pattern is used behind the reception desk as a separator which is produced with fusion-glass and cutting techniques. Tulip pattern lamp walls were used all over the project in a new stylish way with oriental motives and silky tassels.



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